A Brief Guide to Polyurethane Flooring

A Brief Guide To Polyurethane Flooring System

In this article, we will introduce you to the concept of Polyurethane flooring, its applications, advantages, and comparisons to other flooring options. We will also explore the facilities that benefit from Polyurethane flooring and guide you in selecting the right Polyurethane flooring system for your specific needs.
1) What exactly is Polyurethane Flooring?
Polyurethane is a type of thermosetting polymer used to protect and enhance concrete floors. By applying liquid Polyurethane on concrete surfaces, floors become more durable and well-maintained, as they gain protection against various physical damages. Additionally, Polyurethane acts as a waterproofing layer, preventing cracks in the concrete substrate from surfacing.
Key features of Polyurethane flooring include 
• Slip resistance, 
• Chemical & Wear resistance, 
• Flexibility &durability, 
• Abrasion and Scratch resistance, 
• Quick application, Fast curing, and Minimal downtime. 
Its finishes come in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing colors and designs. Poured-in-place Polyurethane floors offer the advantage of being seamless and non-porous, allowing for water drainage.
2) Where can you Install Polyurethane Floors?
Polyurethane Flooring Areas of Application
Polyurethane floors are highly regarded as excellent sealants, making them suitable for installation in a variety of spaces. They find application in residential, industrial, and commercial settings. Some common applications of Polyurethane flooring include:
Podium Decks & Terraces: Due to exposure to sunlight, Polyurethane coatings are preferred over epoxy coatings, which can become unstable when exposed to UV light.
Food & Beverage Facilities: Polyurethanes are the preferred choice in food industries exposed to lactic acids, as they resist corrosion and yellowing under such conditions, which may occur with epoxy coatings.
Multi-storey Car Parks: This space demands a flexible, durable, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant, and wear-resistant flooring, all of which are characteristics of Polyurethane flooring. Epoxy coatings would fail to meet these criteria.
Cold Storage Facilities: The elasticity of Polyurethane floors makes them an ideal choice for freezing chambers where storage temperatures can reach extremely low levels.
Commercial Flooring: Polyurethane floorings are known for their slip resistance, providing extra traction to prevent accidents.
3) How long can you expect Polyurethane Floors to last?
With proper cleaning procedures, maintenance, and touch-ups, Polyurethane floors can last up to 10 years and even longer. The longevity of the flooring depends on the formulation used, with higher solid content resulting in higher coating performance. By selecting the appropriate system and ensuring proper installation, you can extend the life of your Polyurethane floor.
4) How does Polyurethane compare to Epoxy Flooring?
Polyurethane flooring possesses several advantages over epoxy flooring in specific environments. Notably, Polyurethane coatings are preferred for spaces exposed to sunlight as they exhibit UV resistance, whereas epoxy coatings may become unstable under such conditions. Additionally, Polyurethanes are better suited for food and beverage facilities due to their resistance to lactic acids, while epoxy coatings may experience corrosion and yellowing.
Polyurethane compare to Epoxy Flooring

5) Which Polyurethane Flooring System is the right fit for your Facility?
There is a range of Polyurethane flooring systems to choose from, each tailored to specific facilities. For instance, Aliphatic Polyurethane is ideal for areas exposed to sunlight, given its UV resistance properties. On the other hand, Aromatic Polyurethane lacks UV resistance but may be suitable for other applications.

“Polyurethane flooring, with its inherent strength and adaptability, emerges as a seamless guardian, protecting and enhancing floors in diverse environments.”

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